Grief tending events - online (during Covid-19 Pandemic)

Grief tending ceremonies

Over the winter, our team are taking a rest and re-visioning our offering for 2021.
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We hope to resume in person ceremonies as soon as the situation allows.
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Grief tending ceremony (online with solo time in nature included)

Sunday Oct 11th, 1.15-5.15pm
Sunday Nov 15th 1.15-5.15pm

Grief Tending Stroud is offering this ceremony, adapted to the time of physical distancing and protection from Covid-19. We welcome you to join us by way of Zoom and connection over geographical distance to share the grief that burdens our hearts.

(Note that this event is open to anyone and not limited to people from Stroud)

Within the time allocated we will:

• Gather to connect with each other and with the intention and outline for the ceremony
• Take an hour away from zoom to resource, either by going into Nature or resting in our connection to whatever resources we have access to within our homes.
• Return together on Zoom and take part in a short embodiment practice
• Offer our gratitudes in turn to support ourselves and each other
• Each share a gift of grief and unburden our hearts in turn for a long hour
• Each in turn light a tea light to offer light for whatever we wish to invite in to our hearts.
• An embodied integration practice will be offered before we close where we focus on transition out of ceremony and self-care
• A closing ritual together

We will send you preparatory information, however, please also ensure that you are able to create a private and uninterrupted space for yourself to take part in this ceremony.

Cost: £5 unwaged; £15 low waged; £35 waged (in these times please contact us if you are unable to pay anything – we will do our best to include you anyway. Please consider if you might support us to continue offering this space and facilitating others to attend by paying the full amount

Once you have booked you will be sent a zoom link and further instructions for our call.

How to book: Contact us using our form to mail Mari on